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News placeholder The History of CIASP send your information about the history and background of CIASP. It will be placed in this section. Recently, information about the end of CIASP in 1970 was located. A report about this is being prepared.

Read a scanned document that reviews 1967 and plans for 1968 [HTML VERSION] [PDF VERSION]

Memories of Friends Send stories about the people who were in CIASP and tell us a story about them. There is now a bulletin board that can be accessed on the home page. Post a short note about yourself. News placeholder
News placeholder Memories of Pisaflores, Xochicoatlan, Molango and San Nicolas Pass along any stories about your experience in the projects

The following is an exerpt from Ann Soden (see John Vella's site). It's a nice little memory of her time in La Arena outside of Pisaflores. Read the html version or access a pdf version

Eunecio...the story of a small boy who almost ended the Pisaflores project (html version pdf version)

Related News Forward any news that you think is interesting to CIASP

A reunion of Canadian CIASP was held on June 24 and 25, 2006 in Toronto. Information about the reuniion is posted on the new blog site for CIASP. The blog will serve as a companion site that allows more interactive communication among CIASPers. Go to to see current notices and details

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News placeholder Fotos I don't have personal pictures from Mexico, but others have pictures. If you send them along, I'll post them here. Please post pictures to the blog whenever you can.

Click on the following link to see a black and white slide show of pictures taken by Frans Schryer. Frans dissertation from McGill University was about the Community of Pisaflores and the unique nature of the social structure. Frans was project leader in Pisaflores in 1968. His research led to a major anthropological award in 1991

Frans J. Schryer, Ethnicity and Class Conflict in Rural Mexico. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1990

Black and White Pictures of Pisaflores

Other Links of interest

The blog is located at It contains many recent postings, and also links to pictures on Doug Boufford's site.

John Vella has a created a link at

Ivan Illich was an important person in the history of CIASP. He died this year after a long battle with cancer. There are online versions of his famous lecture to CIASP in Chicago(most mistakenly cite it as Cuernavaca). One version is available by clicking here. At the time, Illich was persuasive...but was he right. Any thoughts?

Several archives of Illich available. One good site is:

David Cayley interviewed Illich for Tapestry (CBC) and these archives are available.

I have several audio tapes I made of my conversations with Illich and will attempt to make them available soon.

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General Area of Hidalgo

Pisaflores Municipio

[PDF] map of both